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Latest news 05/04/07: I have adopted Adeline. She is now a companion for my Madeleine! She has become a licensed therapy dog as well and competes with me in agility, an exciting dog sport. She will have a new page on this site shortly. ... the editor

Raising a Guide dog Puppy

All Our Pets editor Dika Golovatchoff gets her Yellow Labrador puppy on January 6, 2006.

The puppy truck arrived with Adeline, a 10 week old Labrador Retriever puppy. The puppy truck delivered puppies and adult dogs from the headquarters in San Rafael to various southern California locations to join their new raisers.

Adeline will live in my home for her initial 3-month socialization and training period.

She was an amazingly good puppy, very calm and easy to train, though she did show an ability to think and make her own decisions - a necessity for a successful Guide Dog. At four months of age she was so well-behaved that I was able to take her to the Santa Barbara Art Museum and the Public Library for art lectures. She also accompanied me to several nice restuarants where she lay calmly at my feet for over an hour.


Update: Adeline stayed with me until March 31, 2006 when she returned to Guide Dogs for the Blind to continue her raising and training. She is currently being raised by Megan Stewart in Utah, and by all reports doing extremely well! Needless to say we miss her very much. We expect that she will return to Guide Dogs for the Blind in the spring of 2007 to complete her rigorous formal training. Well, Adeline seemed not to like some men so she was "career changed". The result: I was able to adopt her on May 4, 2007. I am so fortunate to have this wonderful dog. She is happy to be a companion to Madeleine, participate in agility and do some of the things Guide Dog puppies were not permitted to do - such as sleep on my bed!

guide dogs for the blind

See below for some photos of Adeline at 12 weeks. She loves her cozy nest and her chew toys. She has had her first vet visit and shots and weighed 18.5 pounds. Her favorite command is "come" because she gets a kibble reward.

She has learned to climb up the difficult open steps on my back deck because they lead her to her meal.




































Like all Labs Adeline loved to eat but she would wait in a down-stay for as long as two minutes with the food bowl two feet away from her until I released her with and "OK- go eat."

As you can see Adeline is very photogenic and posed beautifully among the orchids at the Santa Barbara Orchid show on March 24, 2006. Adeline is sorely missed.

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