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Canine Arthritis, a Common and Painful Disease Afflicting Older Dogs By Matt Thomson

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Does your dog seem surprisingly inactive? Is your dog constantly reluctant to lie down or get up? Do you hear a "clicking" noise when he is walking? Or is there any change in your dog's behavior that seems to indicate pain? If so, your pet may be one of many that suffer from arthritis. Various types of arthritis afflict dogs of all breeds and sizes, but they commonly fall into one of these three categories: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or Septic Arthritis. Osteoarthritis is often genetic, and will become increasingly worse with age. It begins with swelling in or around the joint, and eventually causes deterioration of the bone and cartilage. It is possible for this process to occur so slowly that a dog owner would not even recognize any symptoms. However, it can erupt rapidly and cause severe pain. Usually, pain medication is used to treat this form of arthritis. Most people are familiar with Hip Dysplasia, which can cause Osteoarthritis, and tends to become a more clinical problem in bigger dogs.

Rheumatoid Arthritis occurs when the dog's immune system produces antibodies that act against the body's own protein. When this happens, cartilage and the surrounding tissue will become seriously inflamed. If not treated properly, usually with steroids or cancer medication, the dog will endure debilitating pain.

Septic Arthritis is caused by infections that are carried to the dog's joint through the bloodstream. For this reason, every wound that becomes infected should be taken seriously and treated by a veterinarian.

As many people know supplementing a dog's diet with Glucosamine Sulphite and Chondroitin Sulphate can prevent the cartilege deterioration that become so painful in the dog's senior years. A quality food such as the Flint River Ranch Senior Plus contains both these supplements and is appropriate for older dogs. A treat that dogs love, also from Flint River Ranch, is Jubilee Wafers, which contain both these natural ingredients as well.

Recognizing the symptoms that suggest arthritis is very important, since a true dog lover wants to understand why his or her dog is sick and unhappy. As with human arthritis the causes may be any of the following: previous injuries, repeated excessive exercise, genetics, infection, or difficulties with the immune system. As with people, once dogs become quite old, arthritis can be expected, and minimal stiffness usually requires no treatment.

Once you and your veterinarian have diagnosed your dog with arthritis, the next obvious step is how to take care of your loved one. The most common form of treatment, although not necessarily the best, is drug therapy. Depending on your dog's breed, genetic make-up, and type of arthritis, the vet will describe for you, in detail, why certain drugs will suit your dog better than others. The first concern with most owners is the side effects of the drug used, and there is reason to be concerned.

Common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, hair loss, or even kidney and liver problems. But these occur mostly in cases of prolonged use, and are rarely a problem for short-term users. And they do make your dog feel a great deal better. The key is for you and your vet to find a happy medium. Your veterinarian will be able to make a good guess as to what your dog will react the best to, but there will always be other options if a remedy does not appear to cause improvement immediately.

For the above reasons natural remedies are often more satisfactory than drugs. Natural treatments for canine arthritis are discussed in separate reports by Dr. Shawn Messonnier that may be ordered directly from him. Dr. Messonnier is the author of the well-known book: The Arthritis Solution for Dogs as well as The Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats


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